Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Swimming Pool

Choosing The Right Pool Tile

Whether you are building a new pool or sprucing up your existing one, choosing the right tiles for your swimming pool is one of the key decisions you have to make. Tiles are usually the most aesthetic parts of a swimming pool. They cover the inside of your pool and often the surrounding area.

With an endless variety of tile options in the market, choosing the right design to complement your home may be overwhelming. Are you looking to achieve a contemporary style or a modern and vibrant vibe? Read on to explore the best tiles for your swimming pool.


What are the Best Tiles for Pools?

One of the most important decisions when buying new tiles is the tile material. Tiles of different materials have varying properties and look different. The two most popular pool tiles are porcelain and glass tiles. Glass tiles may be costly, but they're one of the best options for your pool.


1. Glass Pool Tiles

Turquoise 6x6 Glass Pool Tile

Add a touch of elegance to your swimming pool using glass tiles. Crafted from recycled glass materials, they often come in deep colors that create an illusion of depth. These eco-friendly tiles are non-porous and more durable than other pool tiles. Although they are aesthetically appealing, they are difficult to install and require the help of a professional pool contractor.   


2. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are historically the most popular pool tile options. They are easy to install and clean for added convenience. Porcelain tiles often have attractive designs and textured finishes for aesthetics.

Their smooth surface reduces the risk of scratches when swimming. Because porcelain tiles absorb no heat, you can use them on the waterline or pool deck pavement.


3. Mosaic Tiles

Glass Spa Tile Mosaics

Mosaic tiles feature different pieces of tiles combined to create a unique design. Choose from various patterns to match your backyard layout. These tiles, however, have high maintenance requirements.


4. Stone Look Tiles

Gray Stone Look Tile

Are you looking to create a rustic or Mediterranean look in your backyard? Consider installing stone look tiles. Natural stone look tiles feature a textured finish that seamlessly blends with your natural landscape. Stone look tiles are porous and require periodic sealing to avoid water damage.



Summers are a great time to splash around and cool down in a swimming pool. Having a private pool on your property means you can take a dip at your convenience. It also eliminates the hygiene concerns of using public pools.

Constructing a pool in your backyard may appear simple, but you must consider safety, aesthetics, and functionality before initiating the project.

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