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Swimming Pool Blog

How to Clean and Maintain Your Porcelain Pool Tile
Your pool is the heart of your backyard. It's a place for you to have fun and relax, and it adds value to your home by providing an easy way to en...
Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Swimming Pool
Whether you are building a new pool or sprucing up your existing one, choosing the right tiles for your swimming pool is one of the key decisions ...
All About The Hide Pool Skimmer Covers
The old days of the white plastic skimmers are over and done with. A Hide skimmer cover kit is now the preferred choice for a pool skimmer cover in...
Waterline Pool Tile - Matte or Shiny for Salt Water Pool?
We have not noticed a difference in a saltwater pool over a traditionally chlorinated pool when it comes to tile selection. All tiles rated for poo...

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