How to Clean and Maintain Your Porcelain Pool Tile

Aqua Jade 6x6 Waterline Porcelain Pool Tile

Your pool is the heart of your backyard. It's a place for you to have fun and relax, and it adds value to your home by providing an easy way to entertain guests. If you want to maintain your pool to last as long as possible, it's vital to care for both the water and structure.

One aspect of the pool structure that needs regular attention is its tile. Porcelain pool tile is durable, but if it's not cared for properly, it can become covered in debris — which will detract from the visual appeal of your property and make you less likely to want to lounge alongside it.
So, how do you clean your porcelain pool tile to ensure that it lasts as long as possible?


Cleaning off Your Tiles With a Sponge or Wet Rag

Sponge with cleaning rag

First, brush away any dirt or debris. You can do this with a soft brush, and if you don't have one already, it's the perfect excuse to go shopping! A soft cotton towel will also work well. For stubborn spots on your pool tile, consider using a soft sponge instead of a cloth.

Once you remove the dust, rinse off all of your cleaning tools so they don't transfer any dirt back onto the tiles when you start cleaning them again later on.


Using A Tile Cleaner

Next, spray tile cleaner directly onto the surface of the tile. Spray it away from the coping and a few inches from the pool wall's edge and let it sit for a few minutes. It should start foaming up within that time frame, which indicates that it's doing its job by breaking down dirt and oil on your pool tile.


Take a Sponge and Scrub Away the Tile Cleaner

Use a soft sponge to remove all traces of dirt from your tiles gently. Once you're finished with this step, take another clean and dry soft sponge or cloth and buff off any remaining grime with light strokes in one direction. Make sure not to introduce any swirl marks to the surface by applying too much pressure!


Rinse thoroughly

Once you've let the tile cleaner sit long enough, rinse it off with water. If you're cleaning a small area, you may want to rinse your tiles with a garden hose.
For larger areas, use a garden sprayer. Also, scrub the tile with a brush, squeegee off any excess water, and then dry the tile with a clean towel.


Properly Caring for Your Porcelain Pool Tile

With proper care, your pool tile can last for decades. If you want to prolong the life of your porcelain tile and help prevent damage, it is best to apply a surface protectant to it every few months. A good surface protectant will slow or stop water from seeping in between the seams of your tiles. It also prevents dirt and chemicals from getting into cracks or crevasses along the surface of the tiles.

When applied properly, a quality surface protectant will defend against mold and mildew growth while also helping to keep harmful bacteria out of your swimming area so that swimmers remain safe at all times!


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