All About The Hide Pool Skimmer Covers

The old days of the white plastic skimmers are over and done with. A Hide skimmer cover kit is now the preferred choice for a pool skimmer cover instead of the traditional skimmer covers that pop out on your poolside detracting you from the beautiful aesthetics of the swimming pool area. The Hide Skimmer Covers can be installed in either a new landscape or retrofitted in an outdoor space. They are quick and easy to install as the kit contains all the components needed.

Why Hide Skimmer Covers?

Hide Skimmer Cover Before and After

Are you looking to have a flushed finish and matched surface around your pool area? Get yourself the Hide skimmer cover. The Hide skimmers covers are used instead of the round yellow or white plastic skimmer covers.

The Hide Skimmer Covers comprise of marine grade 316 stainless steel tray lid. The tray lid has a paving-matched stone infill designed to be fitted with the matched tile to your pool. The tray has depths ranging from 10mm to 40mm and is strong enough to support the inlay material.

It also has a stainless steel edge protector to prevent cracking or chipping of the surroundings whenever the inlay is opened or closed.

The Hide skimmer covers Kit is a safer alternative as one requires a safety key to access it. This key is made of 316L stainless steel. The safety key has helped pool skimmers be child-proof by preventing kids from accessing the powerful pool pump that may be dangerous.

Benefits of the Hide Skimmer Covers

Hide Skimmer Cover at Infinity Pool

1. The hide skimmer covers have a minimum clearance to ensure that the lid doesn't distract us from the pools' attractive surrounding landscape.

2. They provide the customer with a choice to match grout lines and the material on the lid.

3. The hide skimmer covers are the perfect tool to ensure pool safety. It prevents something from falling into the skimmer as well.

4. It eliminates pool tile chipping that is associated with plastic skimmer covers.

      General Care of your Hide Skimmer Cover

      It is essential to regularly check and remove any litter accumulated in your Hide Skimmer Cover. Otherwise, this may cause the skimmer to sit unevenly. Also, regular cleaning will help prevent surface staining that might defeat the purpose of obtaining a hide skimmer cover. Note that a buildup of surface staining for a prolonged period might cause it to be a permanent stain.

      The Bottom Line

      Hide Skimmer Covers Seamless

      If you want to achieve a safe and seamless finish to your landscape, check out our Hide Skimmer Collection.

      Need help with choosing the right size? feel free to give us a call at (904) 201-9418.