Add an air of luxury to your pool design with our collection of glass tiles that are guaranteed to turn your swimming pool into a gem in your backyard. Glass mosaics are becoming an increasingly popular choice for indoor and outdoor wet applications due to their striking beauty as well as more practical features like being eco-friendly, non-porous and highly durable.

      Whether you use them for commercial or residential designs, you will find their clarity and iridescence a wonderful quality that enhances your wet applications in ways ordinary ceramic tiles can’t. For example, our sparkling blue glass mosaics can create an illusion of depth in your pool and turn your spa backsplashes, water fountains, and bathroom into absolute masterpieces.

      As for shapes and sizes and all kinds of creative finishes, we’ve got it all in our wide collection of pool and spa glass tiles. Now you can enjoy the most vibrant colors ranging from blue to black to golden, not to mention iridescent features that give your applications that extra dimension. We also carry an assortment of glass mosaic shapes, including linear, square, and rectangular shapes, as well as random blocks

      Our glass tiles are frost-proof and non-porous, perfect for all pool applications, spas, baths, and fountains.