HIDE Skimmer Lids

Replaces unsightly, unsafe covers

Integrated Covers That Blend Seamlessly Into Your Landscape

HIDE Covers seamlessly integrate with your outdoor landscape, designed to accommodate any surface material right into the cover itself. This innovation allows for a luxurious, cohesive outdoor space that beautifully blends functionality with elegance.

Good Design is Obvious, Great Design is Invisible

Looking for a stylish and durable cover for your external pool and landscape access points? Look no further than HIDE Covers! Made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel, our covers are attractive and the safest and most robust option on the market.

Our custom inlay covers revolutionize landscaping options and replace traditional eyesore spots with hidden, convenient access points. Whether you’re a homeowner, landscaper, or pool builder, you’ll love the high-end luxury finish that HIDE Covers provide.

The Hide Difference

HIDE covers can be installed both in new landscapes, or retrofitted in existing outdoor areas.

Superior Safety

It provides total peace of mind for families and sits flush, eliminating any tripping hazards.

What Customers Say


Super high quality. Seamlessly hides our septic tank lid under the patio. So glad I found it! Who would have thought that a pool skimmer lid would be so ideal for this project? Very happy

C. Kelly
Tampa, FL

For me, it's all about elevating the industry. Quality is everything. And I sincerely love the skimmer lids. As do my clients.

Lilly LLC, Adam Santo
Oxford, Connecticut

A great product, looks clean and stylish would recommend it to anyone who is after for a professional and sleek finish.

West Pools

Best purchase I have ever made, gives an overall perfect finish and clean look to my home pool.

West End, Queensland

More Reasons to Replace Your Skimmer Cover

Alternative traditional Skimmer Cover options are unattractive, plus have quality and durability concerns which can cause serious headaches for home-owners and contractors alike. What’s worse, is that many don’t even meet Pool Safety Standards! On a pool journey, you’ll typically encounter two other Skimmer Cover options:

The Plastic Option

The traditional cheap, plastic lid which needs to be replaced regularly due to sun damage and wear.

Loose Stone or Tile

A brittle option which is both unattractive and often short-lived. They usually break quickly, or cause chipping or damage to the surrounding stone. A loose stone is often NOT compliant or POOL SAFE.


Absolutely, any HIDE lid can usually be easily retrofitted to replace other lid options.

Hide covers can be filled with most landscaping materials, including wet-pour concrete, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, timber decking, pavers, stone, and artificial grass.

HIDE Covers are suitable for swimming pool skimmer lids, safety covers, water table inspection points, drains and drain waste vents (DWV), electrical junction boxes, concrete areas, and most external points where hidden access is required.

The biggest size we carry is 26” x 26” which is the HIDE Manhole Access Cover Kit 26 inches

HIDE’s deeper kits (1.6”/2”/2.5”) are supplied with 2 key slots (and 2 keys) on either side of the lid to allow for a 2-hand lift.

Replacement keys are readily available.

All HIDE lids are manufactured in Australia from premium 316L stainless steel.

Yes! All HIDE lids come with a 10-year warranty.