HIDE Access Covers
HIDE Access Covers
HIDE Access Covers
HIDE Access Covers
HIDE Access Covers
HIDE Access Covers
HIDE Access Covers

HIDE Access Covers

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Exterior Access Covers

Hide your external service points with ease.

Cover most external access points with the HIDE Access Cover range! As with all HIDE products, the Access Cover is designed to carry your selection of landscaping material to match the surrounds, allowing the lid to blend seamlessly into your outdoor area.

Access covers provide easy entry to service points such as:

  • Drain waste vent (DWV)
  • Water table pipe
  • Water and balance tanks
  • Taps and irrigation
  • Valves and meters
  • Electrical junction box
  • Removable sporting fixtures and poles
  • 12v external lighting connectors
  • Termite bait box inspection and more

Choose from inlaying tile, stone, bricks and even concrete to discreetly and seamlessly blend in with your chosen materials.

  • Install most materials into the cover - Choose the depth to suit your material
  • 316L Marine-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Install on-site into new or existing service points
  • Flush finish making it safe and elegant
  • Awarded #1 "Best New Pool Construction Product"
  • 10 year warranty - Maintenance is required
  • Concrete conversion supplied (Kits 1.6", 2.0", 2.5" only)

This product ships within 1-2 business days from Texas.

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The Hidden Detail

Good design is obvious, great design is invisible! Award-Winning custom infill lids made to disappear into your landscape.

Key Features

Easy Use

Made to be compact and super easy to remove.

Pool Safe

Covers can only be accessed with the Safety Key.

Long Life

Durable marine grade stainless steel components.


Safe, Seamless, Stunning

A traditional plastic skimmer lid replaced with a HIDE Skimmer Lid.

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