Waterline Pool Tile

      This type of tile is mainly used to cover the perimeter of the swimming pool, located right beneath the coping and it is approximately 6-inches of height. Porcelain tiles and glass tiles are the only two types of materials that can be used, it is very important to note that not all ceramic and glass tiles are pool rated.

      If your next question is, what makes tile pool rated? First and foremost, pool tiles must be frost-proof so that they can withstand extreme weather conditions and drastic changes in temperatures. Tiles should also be impervious to water with an absorption rate of (≤0.5%) and withstand chemicals used to maintain the pools water cleanliness without fading or discoloring the tile.

      You can choose any of our glass or porcelain tiles with peace of mind, as all the pool tiles available for purchase are specifically made for pool use. We carry smaller mosaics in various colors and shapes and in the past years we have seen that subway tiles have become popular among homeowners and designers across the US. Let us not underestimate the contractors all time favorite which are the 6x6 pool tiles and now available in glass.

      A successful installation of pool waterline tile requires the use of appropriate setting materials like tile adhesive and grout. If you need assistance choosing the correct size, color, material, or grout color please reach out to one of our team members at (904) 201-9418.