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Porcelain Pool Tile

Porcelain - A Durable Choice

If you’re looking for inspirational tile ideas for your swimming pool, then you'll be spoilt for choice by our range of beautiful porcelain pool tiles. Porcelain tiles are popular for their durability, dazzling beauty, and ease when it comes to installation and maintenance. They can be used in a variety of commercial or residential applications, both interior and exterior.


Unique Waterline Ideas

Whether you’re going for a contemporary or traditional design, the possibilities our large collection of porcelain tiles offer is almost limitless. Creating a unique waterline for your swimming pool never been easier. You’ll also enjoy the depth of choice in our tile finishes, including smooth and glossy, matte, non-skid, and textured, all available in a variety of colors that range from blue and aqua to green and teal.

All of our sizes and shapes are suitable for the pools waterline.

Our porcelain tiles don't fade, stain or discolor, and are designed to withstand the chemical treatment that swimming pools undergo.

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